Key Points

This chapter has provided the outline of a plan for the change to CCPM in a multi-project environment and the supporting theory. You can implement it on a single project with a simpler plan. Key points presented in this chapter include the following:

• Effective change plans harness organizational dynamics to accelerate the change.

• Senior-management leadership is the critical success factor for multiproject CCPM implementation.

• Use your project process to implement the change to CCPM: charter, endorse, work plan, perform, and close.

• Carefully define your pilot project(s), and support them.

• Humans and organizations try to maintain equilibrium (i.e., appear to resist change). Your implementation plan should anticipate and plan for this.

Organizational understanding of TOC can greatly aid implementing CCPM but does not seem to be a necessary condition. Your organization's history of change should provide you with clues as to how hard a transition you might have ahead of you and help you plan for it. You can make substantial improvements on your individual projects using the CCPM principles, even if your organization does not choose to move to a multiproject implementation in the beginning.


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