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TPMP is working with an independent, non-profit organization, Health America, who is creating r status and quality of hospital health care in the United States based on goals created by the Pre United States. Health America is implementing project management processes and TPMP is he This is a highly visible program in the government, and it entails working with the major hospitals major cities of America, and rating if they are achieving specific goals as identified by the Preside The research and reporting started about 2 years ago. You are helping the project manager, Bill create a communication management plan, including a communication matrix. Your team is ma researchers, analysts, and writers who will produce the hospital quality report for the Health and department. Some of the people interested in your project are the media, so they can report on being met/not met; the Health and Welfare branch of the government, who is monitoring the pro president and who is paying for the program; the hospitals throughout the United States; and the needs to understand how this program is helping them.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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