Organizational Structures

1. What are the three major types of organizational structures?

2. What are the three levels of progression in a matrixed organization?

3. What do the three levels in a matrixed organization correspond to?

4. Pam works for the Vice President of Account Management who in turn works for the CEO. The other vice presidents head organizations such as Sales, Operations, Media, and Direct Mail. What type of an organization is this?

S. What is Pam's authority level in this organization?

6. If Pam worked directly for the CEO, what type of organization structure would she be working in?


1. There are three major types of organizational structures: projectized, matrix, and function

2. The levels of progression in matrixed organizations are a weak matrix, balanced matrix, a strong matrix.

3. The three levels of progression in a matrix organization correspond to how projectized or functional the organization has been structured.

4. Pam works in a functional organization.

5. Pam has little or no authority in a functional organization.

6. If Pam worked directly for the CEO, she would be working in a projectized organization.

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