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The staffing management plan documents for the project team exactly how the human resource will be assigned to a project, what they will work on, and when they will depart from the project. ' plan is the foundation for how human resources will be managed during the project. A staffing management plan can be general or very detailed. Regardless of the approach that you take, yo will need to work through how this plan is created. In this exercise, we will examine the inputs to creating a staffing management plan as well as the thought process for creating it. Let's start wit the inputs.

Inputs for a Staffing Management Plan

There are three pieces of information that the project manager needs to have at their fingertips i order to create a staffing management plan. These inputs are project interfaces, staffing requirements, and constraints. We will cover each of them here.

Project interfaces As you think through the staffing management plan, you will need to undersl the interfaces that affect your project. Interfaces can be organizational, technical, or interperson Organizational interfaces deal with coordinating project work across multiple vendors, departme or both. Technical interfaces deal with the way the work of the project must be done. And, finally interpersonal interfaces deal with the reporting relationships among all of the project's personne You will want to document the types of interfaces and how you will mange each of them for your staffing management plan.

Staffing requirements In Exercise 3.1 we spent a lot of time discussing resource planning. In resource planning you determined what types of resources should be used on which tasks of yo project. Staff requirements are a subset of the resource plans that you created. This subset describes the types of competencies that are required for each resource type.

Constraints "Constraints" is usually a generic term that is used throughout project managemen process descriptions. In a staffing management plan, constraints are used to describe the factor that limit the team's ability to use resources the way that the project manager desires. Constrain can be things like organizational rules, the preferences of the team, organizational structures, u agreements, or even the competencies of the people working on the project.

Contents of a Staffing Management Plan

Once you have your inputs together, it is time to construct your staffing management plan. Thes plans can be as individual as your organization or your project. Here are some ideas of sections might be included in a staffing management plan.

Organization charts An organization chart is a graphical depiction of the hierarchy of the projec team. It is used to depict the reporting relationships of the team members to the project manage Figure 5.1 shows a sample organization chart.

Figure 5.1: Sample organization chart

Resource assignment matrix (RAM) A resource assignment matrix is a diagram that merges a organization breakdown structure and the work breakdown structure. We dedicate an entire exe to the RAM in Exercise 5.2.

How assignments are made A section on assignments includes your methodology for assigns team members to specific tasks.

Roles and responsibilities A roles and responsibilities matrix would include each team membe resource grouping and a list of their responsibilities. This matrix makes it clear who is accountab for what on the project. In Table 5.1 general responsibilities are noted.

Table 5.1: Roles and Responsibilities Matrix



Executive Sponsor

Chairs the steering committee

Champions the project

Resolves issues escalated from the steering committee

Project Manager

Organizes the team structure

Manages the project

Tracks progress

Creates project plan

Project Team Member

Completes assigned tasks and their associated deliverables

Adheres to project standards and methodology

Meets status and time reporting obligations

Attrition management This portion of the staffing management plan explains how all types of project vacancies will be managed. It should cover how key personnel and team members are replaced as well as how all project personnel will be reassigned at the end of the project.

Note Recommended Reading: Chapter 5, p. 161, PMP Project Management Professional S Guide.

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