Y Incidents For Discussion Pritchard Soap Co

Samantha ("Sam") Calderon is manager of a project that will completely alter the method of adding perfume to Pritchard Soap's "Queen Elizabeth" gift soap line. The new process will greatly extend the number of available scents and should result in a significant increase in sales. The project had been proceeding reasonably well, but fell several weeks behind when the perfume supplier, the Stephen Marcus Parfumissary, was unable to meet its delivery deadline because of a wildcat strike.

Under normal circumstances this would not have caused problems, but the project had been subject to a particularly long evaluation study and now was in danger of not being ready for the Christmas season. The major scheduling problem concerned Pritchard's toxicity lab. Mike Lee. lab manager, had been most cooperative in scheduling the Queen Elizabeth perfumes for toxicity testing. He had gone out of his way to rearrange his own schedule to accommodate Calderon's project. Because of the strike at Marcus, however, Calderon cannot have the perfumes ready for test as scheduled, and the new test date Lee has given Sam will not allow her to make the new line available by Christmas. Calderon suspects that the project might not have been approved if senior management had known that they would miss this year's Christmas season.

Questions: What are Sam's alternatives? What should she do?

Sutton Electronics

Harold Frank was still basking in the glory of his pro» motion to project manager for Sutton Electronics-Corporation, manufacturer of fire alarm systems for motels, offices, and other large-scale installations Frank's first project involved the development of an alarm system based on sophisticated circuitry that would detect and identify a large number of dangerous gases as well as smoke and very high temperatures, The device was the brainchild of Ira Magoo, vice-pres^S dent of research and the technical wizard responsib||4 for many of Sutton's most successful products

It was unusual for so young and relatively inexpe%,.: rienced an employee as Frank to be given control (fy such a potentially important project, but he ha^ shown skill in handling several complex, though roi| tine, jobs. In addition, he had the necessary scienti® background to allow him to understand the nature 9 Magoo's proposed gas detection system. ¡g

Four weeks into the project. Frank was gettiglj quite worried. He had tried to set up an organization» and basic planning meeting several times. No mattejjl when he scheduled the meeting, the manager of thA marketing department, laki Benken, was unable M,* attend. Finally, Frank agreed that marketing couli. be represented by young Bill Powell, a Benken protean who had just graduated from college and lOiWSjk Sutton Electronics. Frank was doubtful that P°wei could contribute much to the project.

Frank's worry increased when Powell misse| the first planning meeting completely and did n \

appear at the second meeting until it was almost over. Powell seemed apologetic and indicated that departmental crises had kept him away from both meetings. The project was now seven weeks old and Frank was almost five weeks late with the master plan. He was thinking about asking Ira Magoo what to do.

Questions: Do you think that Frank should involve Magoo at this point? If so, what outcome would you expect? If not, what should he do?

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