Work Breakdown Structure And Tasks

PM Milestone Project Management Templates

PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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S/S Project Management

Recruit Project Team Establish Organizational

Procedures Establish CAO Support Levels and Budget Issue Reports to VP-Tech and

Board of Directors Develop S/S Goals and

Objectives Assemble and Issue Post-S/S Report

Technical Program

Develop S/S Theme Strategize Tracks and SIGs Recruit Technical Program Team Develop Selection Process

Procedures Interface with Education

Committee on Workshops Plan and Issue Call for Papers/Panel Discussions

Recruit Invited Papers/Panel

Discussions Recruit Moderators Develop and Issue Master

Schedule for Presentations Select Printer

Plan and issue Abstract Books and Proceedings Organize Awards for Speakers'

Breakfasts Identify Audio/Visual

Requirements Develop and Issue Post-S/S Technical Report

Social Guest Program

Establish Objectives Identify Available Activities Analyze Cost-Benefit Identify Recommendations Complete Contracts Recruit Staff Figure B: The work breakdown structure.


Identify Candidates and Related

Benefits and Costs Make Recommendations and

Obtain Approval Complete Contracts Maintain Periodic Contact Host Speakers


Theme Establishment and

Approval Logo Development and

Approval Video Production Promotional Materials

Identification and Approval Advertising: PM1, Public and

Trade Media Releases Regional Newsletter Articles


Initiate Code of Accounts

Develop Procedures of Financial

Operation Develop Independent Auditing

Procedure Initiate Separate Banking

Account Develop Cash Flow Estimates/

Projections Develop and Issue Standard Reports

Interact with CAO on Account

Reconciliation Develop and Issue Post-S/S Financial Report

Corporate Sponsorship

Establish Participation

Philosophy Target Prime Corporations Figure B: (continued)

Solicit Participation


Facilities Vendor/CAO Support

Contract with Host and Backup

Hotels Staff Recruiting (Details to be Identified and Scheduled with PM1 Executive Director and Events Manager)

Work Breakdown Structure Chart
Figure C: Gantt chart.

structure in Figure A. The project team was organized using a functional approach. Pittsburgh PMI Chapter officers had most of the primary responsibilities, with members from nine other chapters assisting in other duties.

Next was the development of the work breakdown structure, shown in Figure B, and the Gantt chart of activity schedules, shown in Figure C. As seen in the Gantt chart, scheduling all the work for a major conference such as this is an overwhelming effort. In the WBS, the major task was the development of the technical program. For PMI '92, the technical program offered 22 workshops composed of 70 technical papers, special panel discussions, and case studies. The technical tracks included engineering and construction, pharmaceuticals, utilities, software, automotive,

R&D, defense, education, and manufacturing. The workshops included sessions on preparing for the PMI certification examinations, learning about Taguchi concepts of statistical quality control, and future practice in project management. All of these also required careful scheduling.

The vendor program included exhibits by dozens of vendors and a large number of showcase sessions for in-depth demonstrations of their wares. The social program included a golf tournament, numerous social activities to meet with colleagues, tours of Pittsburgh's attractions, and a wide variety of entertainment opportunities.

All in all, a conference such as PMI's is as difficult a project as many firms face in their competitive markets.

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