Average total conflict if

During the main program

Toward the end Time of the program

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Figure 4-8: Conflict intensity over the project life cycle. Source: |56|.



This chapter described the various organizational structures that can be used for projects, and detailed their advantages. An appropriate procedure for choosing the best form was described and two examples were given. The chapter then moved into a discussion of the project team itself, describing the organization of the project office staff and the human issues, such as motivation and conflict, the project manager will face. Specific points made in the chapter were these:

If the project is to be included in a functional organization, it should be placed in that unit with the greatest interest in its success or the unit that can provide the most help. Though there are advantages in this mode of organizing, the disadvantages are greater.

The project form of organizing has its advantages and disadvantages. Though the disadvantages are not as severe as with the functional form, they are nevertheless significant.

The matrix organization combines the functional and project forms in an attempt to reap the advantages of each. While this approach has been fairly successful, it also has its own unique disadvantages.

There are many variants of the pure forms of organization, and special hybrids are commonly used to handle special projects. The best form for a particular case requires consideration of the characteristics of the project compared with the various advantages and disadvantages of each form.

A useful procedure for selecting an organizational form for a project is:

1. Identify the specific outcomes desired.

2. Determine the key tasks to attain these outcomes and identify the units within the parent organization where these tasks would normally be assigned.

3. Sequence the key tasks and group them into logical work steps.


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