The Business Strategy

A number of elements of ABI's business strategy were directly relevant to this proposal, lim took out a note pad to jot each of them down and assign them a priority.

1. To bid only on good margin products that have the potential for maintaining their margins over a long term.

2. To pursue only those new products whose design or production process is of a proprietary nature and that lie in those areas where our technical abilities enable us to maintain a long-term position.

3. To employ, if at all possible, the most advanced technology in new projects that is either within our experience or requires the next step up in experience.

4. To foster the "project champion" approach to innovation and creativity. The idea is to encourage entrepreneurship by approving projects that individual managers are committed to and have taken on as personal "causes" because of their belief that the idea, product, or process is in our best interest.

5. To maintain small plants of no more than 480 employees. These have been found to be the most efficient and enjoy the best labor relations.

With these in mind, lim reopened the proposal and started reading at critical sections.

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