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Polar bears at construction site—Atigun Section of TransAlaska Pipeline.

Thus, in the spring of 1989 a project team was formed to take total responsibility for replacing this portion of the buried pipeline with another buried pipe that had much better external corrosion protection, fusion bonded epoxy covered with 1.25 inches of concrete, an articulated concrete mat, and then five to fifteen feet of dirt. As part of the project objectives, the oil flow of two million barrels per day at pressures exceeding 800 psi was not to be interrupted, and there could be absolutely no oil spills!

Polar bears at construction site—Atigun Section of TransAlaska Pipeline.

This meant that a bypass system had to be constructed while the pipe was being replaced, all in a very hostile work environment. The site is subject to flooding, rockslides, avalanches, mudslides, temperatures that reach - 60° F in the winter (tires break like glass and gasoline turns to jelly at that temperature), and as little as three hours of sunshine in which to work during the winter months. To minimize exposure to the springtime avalanches, they worked in another area i first and then used explosives to trigger po-tential avalanches and unstable snow de-Posits. Also, a full-time avalanche control and forecasting expert was present during con struction in the danger area. Blasting was also used to dig the ditch, ironically, to protect the existing pipeline which was only 30 feet away. Another ironic aspect of the project was the constant curiosity of the wildlife in the area: "What impressed me most was completing this project right there in the middle of all these animals, and seeing that we didn't affect them at all—that was gratifying."

The project began in September of 1989 and was completed in December 1991, a 27-month duration. Scheduling was a major facet of the project, not just due to the limited hours of sunshine, but also in obtaining facilities and materials for the project. For exam-


Brooks Range

Fairbanks O Anchorage

♦ Pump Station 3 ♦ Pump Station 4 °CAtigun Camp oJChandalar Camp

) Valdez

♦ Pump Station 3 ♦ Pump Station 4 °CAtigun Camp oJChandalar Camp pie, some elements of the replacement pipeline had to be shipped to Saudia Arabia for corrosion treatment and then shipped back, all just prior to the Persian Gulf war. Yet, the project met or exceeded all expectations, without one oil spill. More surprisingly, the project was completed 34 percent under bud get through careful analysis of the financial and physical risks and assignment to the most appropriate contractor.

Source: Project Team "Atigun Mainline Reroute Project," PM Nct»or*. Ian. 1993.

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