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At this point in the book we turn to a detailed description of project implementation. Chapter 7 initiates our discussion with a description of budgeting as a logical extension of the planning techniques from Chapter 5. Project scheduling, considered by some to be the meat of project management, and certainly the most written-about area of the field, is addressed in Chapter 8. Such well-known techniques as PERT and Gantt charts are described with illustrations. Chapter 9 then covers the topic of resource allocation, both within a single project and among multiple projects.

Chapter 10 is devoted to the linkage between planning and control: monitoring and information systems. This chapter includes a brief description of some of the commonly used computerized Project Management Information Systems (PMIS).

Chapter 11 concludes this part of the text with a full description and discussion of the control processes for project management. Standards for comparison, common control techniques, and the basic role of control are covered here.

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