Project Team Continuing Exercise

Every chapter in this text will include assignments for project class teams to complete. The teams will be organized by your class instructor and will work on either individual projects or one large class project. The final project report or term paper will be assigned and discussed by your instructor, too.

For now, your task is to form into a team and, if so charged by the instructor, consider potential team projects. Be sure you clearly understand the performance requirements, completion due date, and resources available to conduct the project. Also, attempt to identify the project interdependenaes and potential sources of conflict. The interdependences will dictate how frequently you will have to communicate or have meetings and how much work can be done independently. Identifying the potential sources of conflict will help you avoid problems later on.

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate in real terms the project management activities that we describe throughout this book. We hope that the tools, techniques, and concepts we discuss and illustrate will be helpful to you and your project team as you undertake and work to complete your project. Good luck!

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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