Project Team Continuing Exercise

The project team now is to address the problem of 'dentifying and allocating resources for the project. First, determine what the resource loads are for each activity and what the resource availabilities are. Also determine whether activities can be speeded up by the allocation of additional resources; that is, the

(c) Find the critical path.

(d) if the project has a 1 1/2 year deadline, should we consider crashing some activities? Explain.

5. Given the following network with resource demands, construct a modified PERT chart with resources and a resource load diagram. Suggest how to level the load if you can split operations. The project is due at day 36.

activity, time resource units

6. Reconsider Problem 14 in Chapter 8 under the constraint that the problem must be completed in 16 weeks. This time, however, activities c, f, h, and 1 may be crashed as follows.

Crash Time Additional

Activity (weeks) Cost per Week c 7 $40

Find the best schedule and its cost.

7. The following data were obtained from a study of the times required to overhaul a chemical plant:

Crash Schedule Normal Schedule






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