Project Team Continuing Exercise

jects. In preparation for the meeting, lohnson gathered a portfolio of all project requests for data processing services with their labor and equipment requirements.

The meeting was held all day Monday and Tuesday. After the two long days and many discussions. all the projects had been evaluated and ranked. However, no one was truly pleased; there were not enough resources to go around, and no one received what he or she really wanted. But they had been heard and all agreed that, given the demands and the resources available, they would abide by the decisions of the group.

Johnson was exhausted after the meetings, but he returned to the office Wednesday and went right to work implementing the plans agreed to the day before. He held meetings with the project managers, programmers, and project personnel from user departments, explaining the "new" priorities. Much patience and persuasion was required, as some projects were placed on hold, staffing reduced on some and increased on others, and entirely new projects formed. The big selling point was that the working environment should be much more stable and professional because these assignments represented the consen sus of management on projects to be pursued for the next several months.

Thursday morning, Johnson was looking forward to a calm, peaceful day in which to tackle the pile on his desk and contribute his individual expertise to some of the projects to which he was personally assigned. Before lohnson had made much progress, a call came from Bill Evans, vice-president of finance in New York, the functional manager to whom Johnson reported. Several managers had complained to Evans about the ranking of their pet projects and he had agreed to call Johnson and "discuss" how they could be "fit in." Johnson reminded Evans of the priorities that they had begun to implement only yesterday, and of the two-day meeting earlier that week that Evans had attended and chaired. All to no avail.

lohnson was now not only faced with reassigning personnel to deal with Evans's latest "squeaky wheels," but knew that it would most likely have to be done again tomorrow and then again on Monday. He asked himself, "Had anything really been accomplished?"

Questions: What project evaluation and selection methods do you think were used during the meeting? What should Johnson do? Do you think that hiring more personnel would help?

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