Project Proposals

Now that project selection methods have been discussed, it is appropriate to consider what documentation is needed to evaluate a project that is being considered. The set of documents submitted for evaluation is called the project proposal, whether it is brief (a page or two) or extensive, and regardless of the formality with which it is presented.

Several issues face firms preparing proposals, particularly firms in the aerospace, construction, defense, and consulting industries.

1. Which projects should be bid on?

2. How should the proposal-preparation process be organized and staffed?

3. How much should be spent on preparing proposals for bids?

4. How should the bid prices be set? What is the bidding strategy? Is it ethical?

Generally, these decisions are made on the basis of their overall expected values, perhaps as reflected in a scoring model.

In-house proposals submitted by a firm's personnel to that firm's top management do not usually require the extensive treatment given to proposals submitted to outside clients or such agencies as the Department of Defense. For the ¡ Department of Defense, a proposal must be precisely structured, meeting the requirements contained in the official RFP (Request for Proposal) or, more specifically, in the TPR (Technical Proposal Requirements) that is part of the RFP. The con- . struction and preparation of a proposal to be submitted to the government or other outside funder is beyond the scope of this book. However, the subject has been well • treated by Roman [52| and the interested reader is referred to his work as well as (24 and 53],

All proposals should begin with a short summary statement (an "Executive < Summary") covering the fundamental nature of the proposal in nontechnical language.

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