Project Buildup

Thamhain and Wilemon note that conflict occurring in the buildup stage "over project priorities, schedules, and administrative procedures . . . appears as an extension from the previous program phase" (29, pp. 39). This is the period during which the project moves (or should move) from a general concept to a highly detailed set of plans. If the project's organizational format is a strong matrix, the PM seeks a commitment of people from the functional departments. If the project if organized as a weak matrix, the PM seeks a commitment of work from the functional departments. In either case, the PM seeks commitment from functional managers who are under pressure to deliver support to other projects as well as, and in addition to, the routine, everyday demands made on their departments.

As the project's plans become detailed, conflicts over technical issues build— again, conflicts between the PM and the functional areas tend to predominate. Usually, the functional departments can claim more technical expertise than the

PM, who is a "generalist." On occasion, however, the PM is also a specialist. In such situations, discussions between the functional manager and the project manager about the best technical approach often result in conflict. The total level of conflict is at its highest in this transition period.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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