Precedence Diagramming

One shortcoming of the PERT/CPM network method is that it does not allow for leads and lags between two activities without greatly increasing the number of sub-activities to account for this. In construction projects, in particular, it is extremely common for the following restrictions to occur.

• Activity B must not start before activity A has been in progress for at least two days (Figure 8-24a).

• Activity A must be complete at least three days before activity B can be finished (Figure 8-246).

• Activity B cannot begin before four days after the completion of A (Figure 8-24c).

• Activity B cannot be completed before eight days from the start of A (Figure 8-24 d).

Precedence diagramming is an AON network method that allows for these leads and lags within the network. Node designations are illustrated in Figure 8-24«. Because of the increased flexibility regarding required lead and lag times, it must be a. Start to start

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