Plant Operation and Organization

As stated in the proposal, many innovative practices were also to be employed at the new plant.

• Machine operators will be trained to do almost all of their own machine maintenance.

• All employees will conduct their own statistl-. cal process control and piston heads will be subject to 100 percent inspection.

• There will only be four skill classes in the; plant. Every employee in each of those classes will be trained to do any work within that class.

• There will not be any time clocks in the plant.

The organizational structure for the 1I salaried workers in the new plant is shown in Figure 1 and the complete labor summary is illustrated in Figure 2, m-cluding the shift breakdown. As can be seen, the plant will be relatively small, with 65 employees in the ratio of 1:5 salaried to hourly. The eight month acquisition, of the employees during the ramp-up is illustrated in

Salaried Labor plant manager manufacturing managers (3 shifts)

quality control manager engineering personnel manager clerical

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