Packages Evaluated and Data Preparation

Each of the procedures identified in the opening paragraph were used to schedule the 110 projects assembled by Patterson.

Converting Data to the Format of Commercial Packages The transfer of data between packages was accomplished by using five custom FORTRAN programs in conjunction with the data conversion programs supplied with two of the packages and with the import and export facilities provided by the packages.

Resource Leveling Default Options Used If a package offers resource leveling options, the default settings were used in the experiments. The assumptions made internally by each package are the same: tasks cannot be split, over-scheduled positions are not used, etc. Thus, each package schedules identical projects under the same conditions.

SuperProject. The automatic leveling feature is used by selecting "yes" to Resource Leveling, and "no" to Level by Priority. This invokes leveling by float (i.e., by least slack) (pages 4-37 and 13-13, Super-Project Expert 1.0 User Manual). Version 1.0 appears to use a static, backward, and parallel implementation. Super-Project 2,0 incorporates improvements.

Timeline. 2.0 and 4.0 generate identical schedules. Version 4.0 is much faster. A task with w possible) schedule duration for 35 of the 110 projects, and is an average of 5.03 percent over the optimal duration. The least successful package, Microsoft Project for Windows Version 1.0, finds the optimal schedule for 10 of the 110 projects, and is an average of 25.60 percent over the shortest duration. (Version 3.0 is much improved.)

A useful feature of Primavera is its choice of leveling options: several can be used and the best schedule selected. When the better of the two schedules generated by the Primavera options used in this study is selected, the project duration is an average of 7.45 percent over the optimal duration.

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