Material Review Questions

1. What are the advantages of top-down budgeting? Of bottom-up budgeting? What is the most important task for top management to do in bottom-up budgeting?

2. In preparing a budget, what indirect costs should be considered?

3. What is the procedure for zero-base budgeting' Is it a good method to use in planning a state or national budget? Why, or why not? ¡^

4. List the four main steps involved in PPBS Wto® has it become obsolete? m,

5. Describe the top-down budgeting process.

6. What is a variance?

7. Describe the learning curve phenomenon.

8. How might you determine if cost estimates are biased?

9. What is "program budgeting"? 10. What is the difference between activity- and task-oriented budgets?

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