Manufacturing Plan

The proposal stressed two primary aspects of the manufacturing process. First, a learning curve was employed in calculating production during the 1000-unit ramp-up implementation period so as to not be overly optimistic. A learning rate of 80 percent was assumed. Second, an advanced technology process using a flexible manufacturing system based largely on turning centers was recommended since it came in at SI million less than conventional equipment and met the strategy guidelines of using sophisticated technology when appropriate.

Since ABI had closely monitored Big Red's progress in the engine market, it had been anticipating the request for bids. In preparation for this, lim had authorized a special manufacturing process study to determine more efficient and effective ways of producing piston heads. The study considered product design, process selection, quality considerations, productivity, and manufacturing system planning. Three piston manufacturing methods were considered in the study-, batch manufacture via computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment, a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), and a high volume, low-unit-cost transfer machine.

The resulting recommendation was to install a very carefully designed FMS if it appeared that the additional flexibility might be required in the future for other versions, or even other manufacturers. Though such a system would be expensive, the volume of production over the FMS' longer lifetime would offset that expense. Four preferred machine builders were contacted for equipment specifications and bids. It was ABl's plan to work closely with the selected vendor in designing and installing the equipment, thus building quality and reliability into both the product and the process and learning about the equipment at the same time.

To add further flexibility for the expensive machinery, all design features that would facilitate retool or changeover to other products were incorporated. For example, the machining centers would also be capable of machining other metals, such as aluminum or nodular iron, and would be fitted with variable feed and speed motors, feed-force monitors, pressure-controlled clamping of workpieces, and air-leveling pallets. Also, fully interchangeable chucks, spindles.

pallets, tooling, and risers would be purchased to minimize the spares inventories.

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