Hosting the Olympic Games is always a massive project, but even the preparation of the bid proposal is a major project itself, involving the conceptualization and selling of the Olympics project. lust before the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, a group of managers of the Alyeska Ski Resort, while meeting for lunch, wondered aloud. "Why couldn't we host a Winter Olympics in Anchorage?" Anchorage was already studying the construction of Olympic-caliber sports facilities and being an Olympic training site. Why not the Olympics themselves? Ais public discussion of the idea grew, a steering committee was formed to investigate the issue. Some members went to observe the Winter Games, some visited former winter sites, and some visited the U.S. Olympic Headquarters. Assessing their information, the steering committee decided that it was feasible for Anchorage to make a bid by 1989 to host the 1996 Winter Olympic Games, so in late 1984 the Anchorage Organizing Committee (AOC) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

The project was planned to be slow and deliberate, gaining the inside track over time. However, in March 1985, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) asked the AOC and four other interested cities to bid in lune for the 1992 winter games. The winning USOC bid would be forwarded to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the final selection decision in September. With only 90 days to prepare their bid, the AOC, as well as the citizens of Anchorage, were galvanized into action. A number of committees were formed and a fund-raiser was hired. The bid was completed in 30 days but the preparation of the presentation took another 45 days. The project garnered wide public support and volunteers. On June 15, the USOC selected Anchorage's bid to forward to the International Committee!

In October 1986, the AOC made its bid

Source: Mystrom, R, D. Baumelster, and R. Nerland. "Anchorage Organizing Committee for the 1994 Olympics," Project Management lountal, June 1988.

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