Vocational Counselor (individual) 3 112 14

Vocational Counselor (group) 1 10 3 0 3

Placement Counselor 14 114 1

Administrator 0 2 0 10 2

As earlier, the number of non-zero elements in a column indicates the number of tasks to which an individual can contribute. The sum of the numbers in the column is a measure of the value of that individual's contribution to the system of tasks.

We still face the problem of selecting 11 FTE individuals from the 25 applicants. There are several decision rules that might be used; for example, we could choose the 11 highest column scores, constrained by the fact that at least 4 must have a non-zero entry in the "teaching" row, at least 2 1/2 (3) must have a nonzero entry in the "intake" row, and so forth. The agency executives adopted a slightly different method for selecting among applicants.

Referring to matrix A, they noted that each of the tasks to be performed had specific social work skills directly associated with it. For example, intake work required vocational counseling skills, job training required teaching skills, and so forth. Further, the tasks themselves formed clusters, with intake and skill assessment being a cluster; job finding, placement, and follow-up counseling being a cluster. Teaching and administration stood alone. After discussion, they decided that the job placement cluster was the most critical group of tasks, teaching the second most critical, intake the third most critical, and administration the least critical for the successful functioning of the EOSS program.

Taking the most critical skill set first, they found the contribution of each individual applicant, V*. to the tasks of job finding, job placement counseling, and follow-up counseling, taken as a group.

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