Schedule Name : Producing a Video Tape Responsible : Project Manager As-of Date : 19-Ian-94 8:00a End Date : 29-Mar-94 5:00pm

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Figure 9-86: Rescheduling to level resource usage without exceeding capacity.

optimal, they are usually quite good—certainly good enough for most purpose Commercially available computer programs handle large problems and have ha considerable use in industry. Further, modern simulation techniques allow the P to develop many different schedules quickly and to determine which, if any, are si nificantly better than current practice. If a reasonable number of simulation ru fails to produce significant improvement, the PM can feel fairly confident that t existing solution is a good one.

Most heuristic solution methods start with the PERT/CPM schedule and anal resource usage period by period, resource by resource. In a period when the aval able supply of a resource is exceeded, the heuristic examines the tasks in that FN riod and allocates the scarce resource to them sequentially, according to some p, ority rule. The major difference among the heuristics is in the priority rules they ui Remember that the technological necessities always take precedence. Some of the most common priority rules are these:

As Soon as Possible The default rule for scheduling. This provides the general so!.u tion for critical path and time.

As Late as Possible All activities are scheduled as late as possible without delaTO the project. The usual purpose of this heuristic is to defer cash outflows as long^ possible.

Figure 9-86: Rescheduling to level resource usage without exceeding capacity.

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