Consultants' fees


Attendees' travel & expenses




Total Program Cost


Out-of-pocket costs: $60,000 Figure 6: Program costs.

Act'y Short Descr.

Time (weeks)

Immediate Predecessors

4000 prepare final rpt 2000 monitor system 2000 hold group w'shps 2000 prepare final proc 2000 prepare final proc manual, revise syst

2000 monitor system 2000 prepares for impi'n 2122 get approval 2122 def comp supp needs 3200 hold tech seminars 3200 prepare seminars 3200 obtain approvals 3200 def tech sem needs 3100 hold PM&C seminar

3100 int. proc man in sem 2201 revise pre] proc man 2201-2300 get approval 2214 org impact analysis 2201 prepare prel. pm 2213 def reed kpng proc

2111 det acctg supp

2112 def est proc 2300 revise rep cont sys 2110 get approval 2110 def rep/con sys

2116-21 get approval 2116-21 define pol'y's 2115 def pol'y req'ts

2101 analyze scopes 1000 rev prog plan 1000 get appr plan

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