The value of each project is

The value of the program is

Thus, project 2 is twice as important (valuable) as project 1.

If, in the preparation of matrix A, it seems desirable to differentiate between the different degrees by which a project contributes to a technology or a technology to a requirement, this is easily accomplished. Instead of a one-zero measure of contribution, one might use the following:

2, if Pt makes a "major" contribution to 7} 1, if Pi makes a "minor" contribution to 7) 0, if Pj makes none

Matrix B could also accommodate a more sensitive measure of the contributions of a technology to a requirement if the evaluator wishes.

Dean's method has wide applicability for evaluation of programs composed of multiple interdependent projects. Scores can be compared for several programs. When program life is extended over several time periods and generates outputs in these successive time periods, program performance can be compared between periods.

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