Determine which project subsystems will be assigned which steps and which subsystems must closely cooperate.

Identify any special firm or project characteristics, constraints, or problems that may affect how the project should be organized. Consider all the above relative to the pros and cons of each organizational form as a final decision is made.

Action Plan—A detailed plan of what needs to be done and when (see Chapter 5 for more discussion and some examples).

Every project should have a project office, even if it must be shared with another project.

Larger, more complex projects may include, in addition to the PM, a project engineer, manufacturing engineer, field manager, contract administrator, project controller, and support service manager.

Those on the project team who should report directly to the PM are the project engineer and project controller. So also should:

1. Senior team members who will have a long-term relationship with the project.

2. Those with whom the PM will be continuously or closely communicating.

3. Those with rare skills needed for project success.

Perfectionism, motivation, and conflict are often the major behavioral problems facing the PM. Management by Objectives (MBO) can be a useful tool for addressing the first two. while gentle confrontation usually works best for the latter.

Sources of project conflict are often priorities and j policies at first, schedule and technical problems dur-ing the main phase, and schedule and personal issues ; near termination.

In the next chapter we move from organizational ¡ issues to project planning tasks. We address the topics of coordination, interface management, and systems engineering. We also present some extremely useful concepts and tools such as the work breakdown | structure and linear responsibility chart.

Concurrent/Simultaneous Engineering—Originally, the; use of a design team that included both design and^, manufacturing engineers, new expanded to include

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