Note: Costs are given in thousands of dollars, time in weeks.

(a) Find the all-normal schedule and cost.

(b) Find the all-crash schedule and cost.

(c) Find the total cost required to expedite all activities from all-normal (case a) to all-crash (case b).

(d) Find the least-cost plan for the all-crash time schedule. Start from the all-crash problem (b).

8. Given the data in Problem 7, determine the first activities to be crashed by the following priority rules:

(a) Shortest task first.

(b) Most resources first (use normal cost as the basis).

(c) Minimum slack first.

(d) Most critical followers.

(e) Most successors.

9. Consider Problem 10 in Chapter 8 again Suppose the duration of both activities A and D can be reduced to one day, at a cost of $ 15 pet day of reduction. Also, activities E, G, and H can be reduced in duration by one day at a cost of $25 per day of reduction. What is the least cost approach to crash the project two days? What is the shortest "crashed" duration, the new critical path, and the cost of crashing?

10. Given a network with normal times and crash times (in parentheses), find the optimal time" cost plan. Assume indirect costs are $100 Pf day. The data are:

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