(Have all jobs been considered on day i? J

Borrow workers from active jobs routine




Reschedule active jobs routine

Add on unassigned workers routine c

Have all jobs been scheduled?

Bookkeeping routine: recalculate tentative schedule for remaining jobs figure 9-15: Flow diagram for SPAR-1. Source: |59J

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is responsible for facility construction and maintenance for highways, bridges, airports, waterways, railroads, and even bicycle paths. At any given time, there will be approximately 1100 projects—typically, highway improvements—in active development, with a turnover of about 300 per year. These projects will range from $50,000 paint jobs to multimillion dollar freeway interchanges. The computerized Project Management and Scheduling ractfce at the Minite. 'MsDorâk&n

System (PMSS) used to manage these projects is based on a work breakdown structure detailing about 100 activities involving 75 functional groups, 40 of which are in-house groups and the rest being consultants.

The PMSS encompasses three major areas: scheduling, funding, and human resource planning. It allows planning, coordination, and control of the work progress and resource requirements for multiple projects over a mul-tiyear time span, since projects may continue

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