Cost/Time Slope—The ratio of the increased cost for expediting to the decreased amount of time for the activity.

Followers—The tasks that logically follow a particular task in time.

Heuristic—A formal process for solving a problem, like a rule of thumb, that results in an acceptable solution. Mathematical Programming—A general term for certain mathematical approaches to solving constrained optimization problems, including linear programming, integer programming, and so on. Predecessors—The tasks that logically precede a particular task in time.

Priority Rules—Formal methods, such as ratios, that rank items to determine which one should be next. Resource Leveling—Approaches to even out the peaks and valleys of resource requirements so that a fixed amount of resources can be employed over time.

Resource Loading—The amount of resources of each kind that are to be devoted to a specific activity in a certain time period. Successors—See followers.

Tree Search—The evaluation of a number of alternatives that logically branch from each other like a tree with limbs.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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