was so accurate and steady that only one side had to be welded. This reduced welding cost and production time while increasing the quality of the finished product. The quality was so reliable that pressure and leak testing were no longer necessary. An additional unexpected benefit was that the robot weld was so smooth that it required little or no finishing.

A second instance where the robot proved its value was in the welding of robot ladders (see Figure 2|. The human welder was instructed to weld in a pattern such as A,E,C,D,B,F, so that heat wouldn't build up in one area causing warpage and ladders which had to be scrapped because they were "out of square" At first, under direct supervision and instruction, the welder would weld the ladder in the proper sequence An experienced welder typically could do about two to three ladders a day. Without direct supervision, however, welders too often succumbed to the temptation v to weld the ladder in the quickest manner such as A,D,E,B,C,F. The result was that the ladder scrappage rate commonly ran as much as 33 percent of production.

Given the problems in the ladder welding, the robot welder was assigned to weld ladders. The robot,.1 however, did exactly as it was programmed to do time * after time with no variation. It was able to weld five»1 ladders a day perfectly and with no scrappage.

In welding box-type enclosures such as electrical f cabinets there is considerable accuracy necessary in the cutting and bending process prior to welding A ^ sheet of metal is cut in the shape illustrated in Figure i. 3 and the four peninsulas are then bent upward to^' form a box. The corners must then be welded and fin-ished to have a solid product. When the company re-lied on hand welding the welder would take the pieces & of metal, put them in a convenient spot (usually on®i


Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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