Class Discussion Questions

I. Summarize the vignette in the chapter in terms of the negotiation skill used. Comment on the appropriateness and ethical aspects related to "burying" the cost.

What will be the likely result of a win-win style manager negotiating with a win-lose style manager? What if they are both win-lose styled? Reallocate the placement of the seven types of conflicts into the nine cells of Table 6-1 according to your own logic.

Principled Negotiation—A process of negotiation that aims to achieve a win-win result. Parties-at-Interest—Those who have a vested interest in the outcome of the negotiations. Win-Win—When both parties are better off in the outcome.

5. What are the three main requirements of project negotiation?

6. Describe the four points of principled negotiation.

7. What is the objective of negotiation?

8. What are the three categories of conflict?

9. What is "principled negotiation"?

10. What are some reasons for conflict during project phaseout?

4. Describe the effect of practicing "conflict avoidance" in the project formation stage in terms of the resulting problems during the buildup stage.

5. How does the type of project organization affect each of the types of conflicts that occur over the project life cycle?

6. Project managers are primarily concerned with project interfaces. At what rate do these interfaces increase with increasing project size?

7. The critical term in the concept of principled negotiation is "position." Elaborate on the multiple meanings of this term relative to negotiation. Can you think of a better term?

8. Give an example of a Pareto optimal solution in a conflict.

9. Why are scheduling conflicts so serious in the phaseout stage?

10. Given that many conflicts are the result of different parties having different interests, is it possible to achieve a win-win situation?

11. Contractors always try to make a task sound more difficult than it is so they can charge more When, if ever, does this become unethical?

12. The chairman of Cadbury Schweppes PLC. G.A.H. Cadbury, suggests |7) the following test for an ethical action: Would you be embarrassed to have it described in the newspaper? Is this a sufficient test for ethics? Can you think of any others?

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    What are the three main requirements of project negotiation?
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    Which of the following is NOT one of the four points of principled negotiation?
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