A project charter is simply a written agreement between the PM, senior management, and the functional managers who are committing resources and/or people to the project |20j. Like planning documents, WBSs, and responsibility charts, the charter may take many different forms. Typically, it details the expected project deliverables, often including the project's schedule and budget. It attests to the fact that senior management, functional managers, and the PM are "on the same page," agreeing about what is to be done, when, and at what cost. Note that if there is such an agreement, there is also an implication that none of the parties will change the agreement unilaterally, or, at least, without prior consultation with the other parties.

Most projects do not have charters, which is one reason for observing that most projects are not completed on specification, on time, and on budget. Also note the additional fact that project managers are among the most frustrated people in American industry.

In the previous chapter, we described an iterative process for developing project action plans wherein individuals responsible for a task or subtask provided an action plan for completing it. We noted that it is not uncommon for the individuals or groups who make commitments during the process of developing the projects's action plan to sign-off on their commitments. This signed-off set of action plans might constitute a project charter, particularly if senior management has signed-off on the overall mission statement, and i/it is recognized as a charter by all parties to the plan.

A somewhat less specific charter appears in |8|, in which the various members of the partnering team sign a commitment to

• Meet design intent

• Complete contract without need for litigation

• Finish project on schedule:

- Timely resolution of issues

- Manage joint schedule

• Keep cost growth to less than 2 percent. . . etc. |8 Figure 2, p. 8]

Of course, even this charter assumes some agreement on the "design intent," the schedule, and costs.

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