Figure 2: Integrating the CIM projects.

Medina's progress in each of these areas is continuing. The 60 NC machines largely fill their needs for now but CAD is still being implemented. The program began in April of 1984 with the approval to purchase the IBM CADAM® system for Troy headquarters and four "pilot" plants, Medina being one of the four. Five interactive work stations were provided at Medina, walls were torn down between departments, personnel were given four weeks of training, and a split shift was instituted to better utilize the work stations. In January 1985 drawings were successfully transmitted from Troy to Medina, and the CADAM UNi-APT® postprocessor created an NC part program from picture and word input. To date, about 1000 of Medina's tool drawings have been put on the system and the engineers are delighted with the result, stating that it clearly has improved their productivity by 300 percent.

Medina is also working on other areas of CIM, such as group technology and manufacturing resource planning. Currently, their MRP module is being run in batch mode over phone lines to Houston where centralized computing is located. Although there are no terminals in the factory as yet, shop floor control and capacity requirements planning modules are in the planning stages. The transfer machine and FMS are clearly major pieces of the CIM effort.

Medina's FMS

The original impetus for Medina's FMS was the condemnation of one of the Troy plants and the resulting need to produce low volume parts efficiently. Another problem was the lack of space at Medina due to increased business in higher volume lines. The solution was the transfer of assembly to Zanesville and the construction of an FMS in the newly available space.

The FMS layout is depicted in Figure 3. As can be seen, the FMS is composed of eight machining centers fed by an AGVS (automated guided vehicle system). Originally the system had six machining centers, a wash station, and a coordinate measuring machine. The coordinate measuring machine, which could never be properly interfaced with the system, and the wash station were removed in 1975 and two additional machining centers were put in their place for added capacity. (The coordinate measuring machine was sup-

Gomputer room

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