Acquire Project Team

This element involves the actual acquisition of resources for the project.

The key input is, once again, the Enterprise Environmental Factors with the addition of Roles and Responsibilities.

The key output is the Project Staff Assignments.

The key tools and techniques in this area are Negotiation and Virtual Teams. Negotiation is always required for sought-after resources within an organization. PMs frequently refer to their negotiation tactics with line managers for key resources as ''horse trading'' (facetiously, of course). If the project is high visibility, this in turn can give key resources visibility to upper management, and the possibility of promotion or a generous bonus can play into the negotiations.

The Virtual Team is a relatively recent development in the project management arena, but it has great benefits in terms of the ability to marshal needed resources without having to co-locate them. Team members can work from home or in geographically dispersed locations. With the development of a cable infrastructure in the United States that supports 100 Mbps connectivity on the Web, and the ability to create secured VPNs (virtual private networks), the expense of having to co-locate teams may shortly become obsolete. After all, why burn gasoline and spend hours in traffic or on public transportation when you can access work as quickly and efficiently from home as you can from the worksite itself? Numerous empirical studies have been conducted in this area that consistently show that employees are more productive from home than they are at work.

Home Business Training Guide

Home Business Training Guide

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