Writing a Charter

Writing the PMCoE charter is the most effective way to communicate what the PMCoE is all about. The PMCoE charter is designed to inform the organization of the purpose for creating the project Management Center of Excellence. It provides the "sizzle" that helps sell the idea to the organization. A charter also provides the means to formalize the creation of the PMCoE and serves to establish its role, responsibilities, accountability, and requisite authority. It includes the following information. (A sample charter can be found in Appendix A.)

• Purpose: explains why it is being created

• Vision: sets the standards for the Center of Excellence

• Mission Statement: defines its responsibilities

• Strategy: creates the proper environment

Figure 2-1. Creating a PMCoE Charter


✓ Goals and Objectives

✓ Methodology x Critical Success Factors

✓ Roles/Responsibilities/Accountability/Authority


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• Goals and Objectives: explains achievements, defines success

• Methodology: defines strategies used to achieve excellence

• Critical Success Factors (CSF): identifies risks to success

• Span of control: PMCoE roles, responsibilities, accountability, and authority

Presenting the PMCoE charter to the executive management team to review, approve, formally adopt, and sign must occur before proceeding. Moving ahead without executive management support and approval is a risky move that will probably lose the game. Once the management team adopts the charter, it should be presented to the entire organization as part of the communication process in the initiation phase. Figure 2-1 identifies the key elements of an effective charter.

One of the first activities that should be undertaken when projects are started is documenting the Scope Of Work (SOW). Defining the work that is included in a project as well as specific work that will

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