The Importance of Education and Training

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A comprehensive project management education and training program is necessary to meet the needs of the organization's general population, project team members, project managers, and management staff at all levels.

If modern project management knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques are not being commonly applied in the management of projects, resulting in projects that are not meeting customer's expectations for cost, time, and quality, a strong case can be made for formal education and training.

Education and training to learn special skills are generally included in the annual budget in most companies, especially in the areas that require technical knowledge to do the job. Yet management in many organizations is reluctant to earmark funds specifically for project management training. There is a general expectation that untrained and inexperienced employees assigned to manage projects will be able to meet time and cost objectives on a consistent basis because they are often subject matter experts in a technical area, such as engineering or information technology. Formal education and training, however, are critical success factors in the consistent completion of projects that exceed customers' expectations.

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