Distributing a Project Management Methodology

The initial distribution of the methodology should be by a face-to-face presentation. Subsequent distributions of updates can be accomplished by placing the document file and associated templates on company LAN/WAN system in an area that is accessible to everyone. These should be read-only files. They could also be included on the PMCoE intranet Web site as downloadable files. In either case, the PMCoE secures the master copies of the methodology and associated templates for version control.

Face-to-face sessions require more time and planning than just making the documents available on the LAN/WAN or intranet. It is necessary to allow for a detailed review and discussion of the material, which is crucial to guaranteeing that the purpose and use is clearly understood. The business unit leader should distribute a personal communication to the organization stating that all department managers and those assigned to leading or managing projects are required to attend these sessions. The material can usually be covered in one two-hour session: the first hour is used to review and discuss the methodology document in detail; the second hour is used to review the proper use of the associated templates. The steps taken to prepare for the session are shown in Table 4-3.

Table 4-3. PMMG Distribution Plan

Action Responsible Description of Action

Table 4-3. PMMG Distribution Plan

Action Responsible Description of Action

Contact List


Contacts all department leaders and requests a list of their project leaders and project


Prepares and distributes a statement describing the session, including content, objectives, and anticipated learning outcomes. Publishes the announcement on the PMCoE intranet Web site (if one exists) in case others have an interest in participating.

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Description of Action

Mandatory Attendance Announcement

Registration Request

Establish Session Lists

Registration Sign-up


Business Unit Leader





Plan For Changes PMCoE

Handouts PMCoE

Reserve Facilities PMCoE

Hold Sessions PMCoE

Recognition PMCoE

Issues a personal communication to the organization that all department leaders, project leaders, and project managers are required to attend a PMMG distribution session.

Prepares and distributes a session registration announcement two weeks before first date offered with multiple dates and times provided. Participants are asked to select their first, second, and third date/time slot choices. Limit time to respond to 24 hours.

Summarizes the registrations, selects dates and times based on a group size limited to 6-8 people, which encourages more participation.

Provides their name, department, position, phone number, and choices; first, second, and third.

Notifies participants of their assigned session date and time within 24 hours of registration closing so they can finalize their schedules and block out the time.

Anticipates changes to the list because they will occur. Plan on scheduling a catch-up session, but don't publicize it before the last class is completed.

Prepares copies of the PMMG manual— including copies of all the associated templates—for each participant.

Reserves the meeting room(s) at least two weeks in advance of the first meeting.

Holds sessions with great enthusiasm and have fun.

Publishes a list of participants on the PMCoE intranet Web site and sends personal messages of appreciation to each participant.

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