Acting as a Team

The project steering committee includes representatives of corporate clients, the project sponsor or sponsors, the business owner or owners, and sometimes the project manager. Usually, the members of the steering committee are not directly responsible for managing project activities but provide support and guidance for those who do. Upper managers through their roles on a steering committee can model desired organizational behaviors with regard to teamwork by demonstrating how teams collaborate to set strategy, prioritize, and decide issues. Members need to understand the strategic implications and outcomes of initiatives being pursued through projects; they need to appreciate the significance of each project for some or all major stakeholders. Membership also allows individuals or organizations to ensure representation of their interests.

The individuals belonging to the project steering committee must care about the initiative and the outcomes the project will produce. They are advocates for the project's outcomes. Steering committee members need to have a broad understanding of project management issues and the approach being adopted. Working as a team on the project steering committee is the basis for steering committee success and ultimately for project success.

For example, in a project I (Bucero) managed in a banking organization, I demonstrated to steering committee members that they could help me communicate and sell the project to various stakeholders. This worked well because they felt more involved in the project implementation.

In practice, this means that steering committee members perform the following tasks:

• Ensure that the requirements of project stakeholders are met by the project's outputs

• Help balance conflicting priorities and resources

• Provide guidance to the project team and users of the project's outputs

• Consider ideas and issues raised

• Review the progress of the project and see if some past good practices can be applied in the project

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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