Performance Reports

Performance reports organize and summarize the information gathered, and present the results of any analysis as compared to the performance measurement baseline. Reports should provide the status and progress information, at the level of detail required by various stakeholders, as documented in the communications management plan. Common formats for performance reports include bar charts, S-curves, histograms, and tables. Variance analysis, earned value analysis, and forecast data is often included as part of performance reporting. Figure 10-15 gives a tabular view of earned value data (Section

Performance reports are issued periodically and their format may range from a simple status report to more elaborate reports. A simple status report might show only performance information such as percent complete, or status dashboards for each area (e.g., scope, schedule, cost, and quality). More elaborate reports may include:

• Analysis of past performance,

• Current status of risks and issues,

• Work completed during the reporting period,

• Work to be completed during the next reporting period,

• Summary of changes approved in the period,

• Results of variance analysis,

• Forecasted project completion (including time and cost), and

• Other relevant information to be reviewed and discussed.

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