In addition to the members of the Standards Committee, the following individuals provided original text or key concepts for one or more sections in the chapters indicated:

John Adams (Chapter 3) Louis J. Cabano (Chapter 5) Douglas Gordon (Chapter 7) Edward lonata (Chapter 10) Hadley Reynolds (Chapter 2) W. Stephen Sawle (Chapter 5) Ahmet Taspinar (Chapter 6)

Keely Brunner (Chapter 7) David Curling (Chapter 12) David T. Hulett (Chapter 11) John M. Nevison (Chapter 9) Agnes Salvo (Chapter 11) Leonard Stolba (Chapter 8) Francis M. Webster Jr. (Chapter 1)

In addition to the Standards Committee and the contributors, the following individuals and organizations provided comments on various drafts of the 1996 document:

Edward L.Averill

C. "Fred" Baker

F. J. "Bud" Baker

Tom Belanger

John A. Bing

Brian Bock

Paul Bosakowski

Dorothy J. Burton

Kim Colenso

Samuel K. Collier

Karen Condos-Alfonsi

E. J. Coyle

Darlene Crane

Russ Darnall

Maureen Dougherty

John J. Downing

Daniel D. Dudek

Lawrence East

Quentin W. Fleming

Rick Fletcher

Greg Githens

Leo Giulianeti

Martha D. Hammonds

Abdulrazak Hajibrahim

G.Alan Hellawell

Paul Hinkley

Wayne L. Hinthorn

Mark E. Hodson

Lew Ireland

Elvin Isgrig

Murray Janzen

Frank Jenes

Walter Karpowski

William F. Kerrigan

Harold Kerzner

Robert L Kimmons

Richard King

J. D. "Kaay" Koch

Lauri Koskela

Richard E. Little

Lyle W. Lockwood

Lawrence Mack

Christopher Madigan

Michael L. McCauley

Hugh McLaughlin

Frank McNeely

Pierre Menard

Rick Michaels

Raymond Miller

Alan Minson

Colin Morris

R. Bruce Morris

David J. Mueller

Gary Nelson

John P. Nolan

Louise C. Novakowski

James O'Brien

JoAnn C. Osmer

Jon V. Palmquist

Matthew Parry

John G. Phippen

Hans E. Picard

Serge Y. Piotte

PMI Houston Chapter

PMI Manitoba Chapter

PMI New Zealand Chapter

Charles J. Pospisil

Janice Y. Preston

MarkT. Price

Christopher Quaife

Peter E. Quinn

Steven F. Ritter

William S. Ruggles

Ralph B. Sackman

Alice Sapienza

Darryl M. Selleck

Melvin Silverman

Roy Smith

Craig T. Stone

Hiroshi Tanaka

Robert Templeton

Dick Thiel

Saul Thomashow


Janet Toepfer

Vijay K. Verma

Alex Walton

Jack Way

R. MaxWideman

Rebecca Winston

Hugh M.Woodward

Robert Youker

Shakir H. Zuberi

Dirk Zwart

Dirk Zwart

Special mention is due to the following employees of PMI Communications:

Jeannette M. Cabanis, Editor, Book Division

Linda V. Gillman, Office Administrator

Jonathan Hicks, Systems Administrator

Dewey L. Messer, Managing Editor

Mark S. Parker, Production Coordinator

Melissa Pendergast, Information Services Coordinator

Michelle Triggs, Graphic Designer

Misty N. Dillard, Administrative Assistant Bobby R. Hensley, Publications Coordinator Sandy Jenkins, Associate Editor Danell Moses, Marketing Promotion Coordinator Shirley B. Parker, Business/Marketing Manager James S. Pennypacker, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief Lisa Woodring, Administrative Assistant

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