Six Sigma and Process Capability

Six Sigma is a process capability (Cp) technique. What is meant by process capability? Every man-made process has some inherent errors that are irreducible. Other errors creep in over time as the process is repeated many times, such as the error that might be introduced by tool wear as the tool is used many times in production. The inherent errors and the allowable error "creep" are captured in what is called the "engineering tolerance" of the process. Staying within the engineering tolerances is what is expected of a capable process. If the Normal distribution is laid on a capable process, as shown in Figure 8-8, in such manner that the confidence limits of the Normal distribution conform to the expectations of the process, then process engineers say with confidence that the process will perform to the required specification.

Standard Normal Distribution g !5

Process Outcome VaEues

Normalized random variable value

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Project Management Made Easy

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