Rolling Wave Planning

We have all faced the planning problem where activities in the future, beyond perhaps a near-term horizon of a few months or a year, are sufficiently uncertain that we can only sketch out the project plan beyond the immediate horizon. Such planning has a name: rolling wave planning. Rolling wave planning simply means that the detail down to the cost account is done in "waves" or stages when the project activities, facilities, tools, staffing, risks, and approach become more known. In effect, rolling wave planning is conditional planning. The "if, then, else" direction of the project in the future depends on outcomes that will only become known as the project proceeds.

Whether the large cost account is a result of rolling wave planning or is simply a planning outcome of the WBS and the schedule network, the statistical implications are similar. The quantitative aspects of rolling wave planning are discussed with the material on schedule planning in Chapter 7.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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