Figure 7-1: Schedule Building Blocks.

Figure 7-1: Schedule Building Blocks.

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Figure 7-2: Milestone Simplifications.

There are certain characteristics that are applied to each schedule task, represented by a rectangle in our network building blocks. These task characteristics are:

■ Every task has a specific beginning and a specific ending, thereby allowing for a specific duration (ending date minus beginning date) measured in some unit of time (for instance, hours, days, weeks, or months). Rarely would a schedule task be shown in years because the year is too coarse a measure for good project planning.

■ Every task has some effort applied to it. Effort is measured in the hours spent by a "fulltime equivalent" (FTE) working on the task. By example, if the effort on a task is 50 hours, and a FTE is 40 hours, then there is 1.25 FTE applied to the task. If the task duration is 25 hours, then the 50 hours of effort must be accomplished in 25 hours of calendar time, requiring 2.5 FTE. Thus, we have the following equations:

o FTE applied to task = (Effort/Duration) * (Effort/Hours per FTE) o FTE applied to task = (50/25) * (50/40) = 2,500/1,000 = 2.5

■ Every task has not only a specific beginning or ending, but also each task as an "earliest" or "latest" beginning or ending. The idea of earliest and latest leads to the ideas of float and critical path, which will be discussed in detail subsequently. Suffice it to say that the difference in "earliest" and "latest" is "float" and that tasks on the critical path have a float of precisely 0.

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