Using dummy activities

When two paths within a network have a common event although they are. in other respects independent, a logical error such as that illustrated in Figure 6.13 might occur.

Suppose that, in a particular project, it is necessary to specify a certain piece of hardware before placing an order for it and before coding the software. Before coding the software it is also necessary to specify the appropriate data structures, although clearly we do not need to wait for this to be done before the hardware is ordered.

Figure 6.13 is an attempt to model the situation described above, although it is incorrect in that it requires both hardware specification and data structure design to be completed before either an order may be placed or software coding may commence.

We can resolve this problem by separating the two (more or less) independent paths and introducing a dummy activity to link the completion of data structure design to the start of the activity placing an order. This effectively breaks the link between data structure design and placing the order and is shown in Figure 6.14.

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