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However, some parts do The ISO 9000 standards refer to quality management systems in general but in the refer to software, for United Kingdom, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) have formulated example. ISO 9000-3. the TickIT standards which give an interpretation of these standards, which applies specifically to software development. This includes such requirements as:

• a detailed development plan is required before development is embarked upon;

• change control procedures should he used at all stages of development;

• design reviews must take place:

• the suitability of the design methodology must be reviewed;

• progress must be reviewed on a systematic basis;

• it must be possible to trace back the features of software design to specifications and requirements;

• designs must be properly documented;

• suitable test plans, specifications and records must be produced;

• a code of practice must be in place which governs the way the software is developed.

The code of practice must include the requirements that:

• the design must be broken down into levels, each with identifiable inputs and outputs;

• software must be organized into modules;

• a module must normally perform a single function or a set of related functions;

• a plain language description must exist for each module.

A TicklT auditor can certify that a particular organization conforms to these standards. T his is called certification. The bodies doing this certification have to be accredited by the National Council for Certification Bodies (NACCB) on behalf of the DTI. The scheme is now administered by DISC, a part of the British Standards Institution.

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