The results of the prototype

The impact of prototyping may be judged by the fact that although the preliminary design had been done using SSADM. as a result of the evaluation of the prototype the number of screens in the system was doubled.

A major problem was that of controlling changes to the prototype. In order to record and control the changes suggested by users, the changes were categorized into three types.

Cosmetic (about 35% of changes). These were simply changes to the layout of the screen. They were:

Local (about 60% of changes). These inv olv ed changes to the way that the screen was processed but did not affect other parts of the system. They were:

• hacked-up so that they could removed at a later stage if necessary;

Inspections are discussed in Chapter 12. • inspected retrospectively.

Global (about 5ft of changos). These were changes that affected more than one part of the processing. All changes here had to be the subject of a design review before they could be implemented.

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