The projec t life cycle

BS 6079 sees a 'project' in terms different from those of PRINCE 2. It uses the word to refer to the whole of the system life cycle from the initial idea right through the system's operation to final decommissioning. The BS 6079 definition of project is similar to the view of a 'project' used in Chapter 3, w hen the cash projections for alternative 'projects' were calculated. When developing information systems, however, the development project is more usually seen as starting after the feasibility study has established that the project appears to be worthwhile and finishing when the system is handed over for operation. In fact, as Euromcthod will demonstrate, it is possible to treat indiv idual phases w ithin that project as projects in their own right. As it happens, despite the BS 6079 definition of project, most of the BS 6079 guidelines for planning and control are compatible with the information systems development view of the project being completed at system hand-over.

Figure B.I illustrates the main project phases as seen by BS 6079. Note that 'implementation' in this context means 'implementation of the project plan'. Information systems developers often use the term 'implementation' to refer merely to the installation of the system once it has been developed. A further interesting point is that while the standard recommends the equivalent of the

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