The Oldham Hackman job characteristics model

Managers should try to group together the elements of the tasks that need to be carried out so that (hey form meaningful and satisfying assignments. Oldham and Hackman suggest that the satisfaction that a job gives is based on five factors. The first three factors make the job 'meaningful' to the person who is doing it:

• skill variety, the number of different skills that the job holder has the opportunity to exercise;

• task identity, the degree to which your work and its results are identifiable as belonging to you;

• task significance, the degree to which your job has an influence on others. The other two factors are:

• autonomy, the discretion you have about the way that you do the job;

• feedback, the information you get back about the results of your work.

Couger and Zawacki found that programmers in general rated their jobs lower on these factors than other professions, while systems analysts and analyst-programmers rated them higher. Computer development people experienced about the same level of mcaningfulncss in their work as other. non-IT. professionals, but had lower perceptions of the degree of responsibility and knowledge of results of their work.

Cheney found that in the programming environment, the degree to which programmers got feedback on their work and the degree to which they could contribute to decision making had positive influences on both productivity and job satisfaction, although 'consideration', which was 'the degree to which the leader develops a work climate of psychological support, mutual trust and respect, helpfulness and friendliness', rated as less important.

In practical terms, activities should be designed so that, where possible, staff follow the progress of a particular product and feel personally associated with it.

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