Technical plan contents list

The analysis described above will produce a number of practical requirements that will be fed into the next stage of the planning process. These requirements might add activities to the project and might involve the acquisition of items of software or hardware or the adoption of particular methodologies which might require start" training. As these recommendations imply certain costs, they should be recorded formally.

A preliminary version of this technical plan can be produced by a software house to help in the preparation of the bid for a contract. In some cases, it may actually be shown to the potential customer in order to show the basis for the bid price and generally to impress the customer with the soundness of the approach the software house intends to adopt. The technical plan is likely to have the following contents.

1. Introduction and summary of constraints:

(a) character of the system to be developed;

(b) risks and uncertainties of the project;

(c) user requirements concerning implementation.

2. Recommended approach:

(a) selected methodology or process model;

(b) development methods;

(c) required software tools;

(d) target hardware/software env ironment.

3. Implementation:

(a) required development environment:

(b) required maintenance environment;

(c) required training.

4. Implications:

(a) project products and activities - these will have an effect on the schedule duration and overall project effort;

(b) financial - this report will be used to produce costings.

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