Step Allocate resources

Step 7.1: Identify and allocate resources Chapter 8 on Resource

The type of staff needed for each activity is recorded. The staff available for the allocation covers this top*

project are identified and are prov isionally allocated to tasks. in more de,ail

Step 7.2: Revise plans and estimates to take into account resource constraints

Some staff might be needed for more than one task at the same time and. in this case, an order of priority is established. The decisions made here can have an effect on the overall duration of the project when some tasks are delayed while wailing for staff to become free.

Ensuring someone is available to start work on an activity as soon as the preceding activities have been completed might mean that they are idle while waiting for the job to start and are therefore used inefficiently.

Case Study Example: Taking resource constraints into account

Amanda has now identified four major software modules plus two existing software modules that will need extensive amendment. At IOE, the specification of modules is carried out by the lead systems analyst for the project (who in this case is Amanda) assisted by junior analyst/designers. Four analyst/programmers are available to carry out the design, coding and unit testing of the indiv idual modules. After careful consideration and discussion with her manager. Amanda decides to use only three analyst/programmers to minimize the risk of staff waiting between tasks. It is accepted that this decision, while reducing the cost of the project, will delay its end.

Brigette finds that she herself will have to carry out many important activities. She can reduce the workload on herself by delegating some work to her two colleagues, but she realizes that she will have to devote more time to specifying exactly what they will have to do and to checking their work. She adjusts her plan accordingly.

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